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The Kreisgrabenanlage Puch (overall diameter: 83m) had two circular ditches, one palisade ring and two entrances. An observer standing in the centre would have seen the sunrise through the north-eastern entrance on days exactly between summer solstice and equinoxes, and a sunset over elevated horizon through the opposing southwestern entrance on dates just between winter solstice and equinoxes. These dates are well known in the literature from Britain, but the dates also still exist in today’s All-Saints day, Candlemas or the traditions around May Day.

On the other hand, after site visits with horizon survey and analysis of the topography we can again call the north-eastern entrance “lower” and the south-western entrance “upper”, so here the slope interpretation fits equally well with the previous calendrical interpretation.

However, this orientation cannot be demonstrated elsewhere in our sample of 32 KGAs, therefore we should no longer draw the conclusion that these dates were observed in the sense of calendrical meaning.

This KGA is well worth a visit, it has been made visible by crops and mowing.